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DESEMPACANDO Las Nuevas «Food Bars» de Soylent. La Comida Del Futuro Prueba. Barra de Comida Completamente Vegetariana y Vegan.

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Test, review and unboxing of the NEW Soylent Food Bar, the food of the future. Package and box. Unwrapping the bar at 2:13 Conclusions at 3:43 To check other SOYLENT products check out our videos HERE:

Food of the FUTURE: Comparison. Test. How to prepare Soylent 2.0 and Soylent 1.5 info. DIY. Vegan HERE: https://youtu.be/spUkR0YI2Xc?list=PL4…

Food of The Future: Soylent 2.0 Unboxing and First Look. What is it? . HERE:https://youtu.be/spUkR0YI2Xc?list=PL4…