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Peavey Valveking 20MH – MSDI y Dos Notas Comparasion WoS

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The purpose of this video is to provide a tutorial for quality quiet recording on a budget, using:

1) – Peavey Valveking 20MH Micro Head MSDI (Mic Simulated Direct Interface) using speaker defeat

2) -Whirlwind EDB1 DI box (but any DI box with a Thru and -40 dB pad will work)
– Custom built 100 watt 8 ohm reactive load box (link to buy: https://reverb.com/item/4095289-handmade-100w-8-ohm-reactive-dummy-speaker-load-tube-amp-load-box )
-Two Notes Wall Of Sound III VST Plug-in free trial, which can be activated simply with the purchase of a single speaker model or more (link: http://www.two-notes.com/en/wall-of-sound-iii )

Both signals were recorded at the same time with a Presonus Firestudio, with no processing whatsoever, except for the WoS plug in on the speaker out signal, the settings on the plug-in are shown near the beginning of the video.

Also, the settings on the Valveking are adjusted throughout the video to show how the changes affect the resulting sound of the MSDI and WoS plug-in. For lead channel demo, skip to 4:45 .



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