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GoPro Hero 3. SuperKart y Gokart. Carrera. 2 Angulos. Great Footage!

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Two Angles. Great footage with GoPro Hero camera. Gokarts Race!


Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: Disasters
Band: A Marc Train Home
Download at: http://amarctrainhome.bandcamp.com

Carrera de GoKarts y SuperKart. GoPro Hero 3 Footage.

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Filmed with the GoPro Hero3 camera: Racing a GoKart! against Pablo and XofiX.

GoPro Hero 3 y LCD BacPac Desempaque, Analysis y Pruebas: Bike Mounted, Underwater, In Car And Fireworks At Night.

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Unboxing The Camera at 3:24
Unboxing The LCD BacPac at 6:17
To Watch GoPro Hero 3 Footage:
Mountain Bike at 9:44
Underwater at 10:41
Car at 11:48
Low Light, Night and Fireworks at 14:15

Music by: Pablo Cabrera.
Song: Leopard Pillow.
Band: A Marc Train Home.
Download at:  http://soundcloud.com/amarctrainhome

Como Usar y «Pair» Un Bluetooth Headset Con El Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Sony,Samsung, Jawbone…

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How to pair a Bluetooth headset with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That is any Sony, Samsung or Jawbone bluetooth headsets. The operating system used on the phone is Android 4.3

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Band: A Marc Train Home
Song: Leopard Pillow
Download at: http://soundcloud.com/amarctrainhome

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Desempaque y Review. Unlocked.

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The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unlocked. The model N9005 in it’s full glory: Unboxing and review. Specs and quick use. Let me know what you think.

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Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: InterludeMagnitude
Download: http://soundcloud.com/pablocabrera

Como «Pair» Y Usar Un Sony Bluetooth Headset Con Tu Celular.

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Using and pairing a Sony PS3 wireless Bluetooth headset with a Samsung Galaxy Note using Android 4.0.4
The on/off key is the same as the answer key on the Bluetooth headset.

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Music by Pablo Cabrera http://pablocabrera.bandcamp.com
Song: InterludeMagnitude
Download at: http://soundcloud.com/pablocabrera