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Giveaway. Unboxing The Sony SBH20. How To Pair And Connect With One Touch To Your Phone. Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

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How to connect the stereo Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headset with NFC. Unboxing and Giveaway.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: Now What
Band: A Marc Train Home
Download at: http://amarctrainhome.bandcamp.com

«Apevia Iceberg» Claro. Power Supply con Tres Diferentes Luces LED y Dos Abanicos. Desempaque.

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Para más chequea:   http://zerozerox.tumblr.com/

AMD 8-Core Processor. Desempaque.

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Para descripción chekea Tumblr:  http://zerozerox.tumblr.com/post/19334444705/8-core-processor-unboxing-the-amd-fx-8-core-3-1