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Lo Ultimo en «Vintage Metal/Hardcore Bi-Amp Guitar Rig» con Pablo

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Get tones similar to that of Converge or Black Sabbath. Rock and roll!

Gear used:

– 1976 Ibanez Artist 2618 with Gibson 1960 Reissue Les Paul pickups from the 80s (Drop C Tuning)

– Custom 5-way passive audio splitter

– Ibanez SM7 Smash Box thru Marshall 1987 clone by Stu-Daddy amps made in ’05 (post-phase inverter master volume mod) thru Marshall Mode Mour MF280 cab with Celestion Vintage 30MF speakers mic’d with Shure PG56

– Emma ReezaFRATzitz thru Vox AC100CP thru Mesa Oversized Straight cab with Vintage 30 speakers mic’d with Heil PR30

– Behringer ADA8000 Pre-amp and analog-digital converter thru old-school Frontier Dakota PCI soundcard, running Cubase 5 on old-school Windows XP Professional.

– Voice mic is an MXL 990 with Nady pop filter.

– Compression used: Stillwell Rocket for voice, Stillwell Bombardier thru Stillwell Event Horizon for master bus. Really awesome cheap VST plug-ins! No EQ or reverb or anything else other than compression/limiting.


Music by: A Sense Of Urgency
Song: Ducks
Recorded by: Pablo Cabrera