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Como Usar y «Pair» Un Bluetooth Headset Con El Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Sony,Samsung, Jawbone…

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How to pair a Bluetooth headset with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That is any Sony, Samsung or Jawbone bluetooth headsets. The operating system used on the phone is Android 4.3

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Como Usar Un Auricular Bluetooth con el Samsung Galaxy Note, S4, S3, S2 y Galaxy Note II.

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Pairing and using the Jawbone Icon Thinker with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The same procedure applies to the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2 and Galaxy Note II.
OS on the phone: Android 4.0.4. You can also pair and use Sony and Samsung Bluetooth headsets with this video.

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Como «Pair» Un Audifono Jawbone Bluetooth Con Un Teléfono Celular Android. Usar.

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«Pairing» un audifono Jawbone Icon Hero inalámbrico Bluetooth con el Teléfono celular Samsung Vitality usando Android 2.3.4.