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Desempacando Soylent. Como Prepararlo. Comida Del Futuro.

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Unboxing Soylent complete powder and oil blend, one month’s worth of it. Soylent 1.2 has no animal products. How to prepare it. Benefits and Information.

From The Soylent Release Notes, Booklet:

Dear Customer,

The powder you now behold is more than meets the
eye. This mix of mass, energy, and information is the
staple food of the future. Refined, robust, and efficient,
Soylent is food that works. And it would not be
here if not for you.

You are a vital member of the network that transformed
Soylent from information to matter, from idea to flesh.
Your contribution and support make you an integral
part of Soylent, the structures of which are soon to
become an integral part of you.

Remember every sip of Soylent is a tiny gratuity toward
producing food ephemerally, toward reducing health
disparity, toward answering questions about our food
and ourselves that have gone unanswered for too long.

If you are what you eat you may now consider yourself
healthy and practical.
Soylent, like life itself, is in a continual state of change
and improvement and we need your input to make it
ever better.

Thank you for ordering, and do stay in touch.

Rob Rhinehart
CEO Rosa Labs

Song: It’s Easier To Make A Mess
Band: A MARC Train Home
Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Download at http://AMarcTrainHome.bandcamp.com

Linux en un USB Flash Drive. Un Sistema Operativo en tu Bolsillo. PARTE 1. Tutorial.

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Parte 1: Demuestra como descargar Linux y usar un CD para luego cargar el sistema operativo en una memoria USB flash. Ahí puedes correr el sistema operativo Linux, salvar tus archivos y abrir y correr archivos con las utilidades provistas por Puppy Linux. Usar la Internet con los navegadores provistos, subir y descargar archivos en la web. Todo esto desde la memoria USB Flash Drive. Lleva tu sistema operativo y archivos importantes en tu bolsillo de esta manera. Otros usos: Muy útil cuando una computadora deja de funcionar y no puedes iniciar windows, con Linux puedes explorar archivos en el disco duro y recuperar archivos sin la necesidad de usar Windows.


English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO8abTO71fQ

Descargas:  http://freewebslinux.webs.com/index.htm

Como Usar un Bluetooth Headset con el Palm Treo y/o el iPhone. Tutorial.

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Desenpacando un iPhone 3G.

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